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Apollo, is a system designed and built by Starpower for pumping water by means of an electric pump powered exclusively by solar energy. Through one or more solar panel modules and an advanced system for converting and controlling the stored energy, we are able to control an electric pump with the aim of satisfying various possible needs, such as: lifting water from deep wells, filling storage tanks, irrigation of agricultural land and supply of drinking water.
For greater reliability, it is possible to connect Apollo to the electricity grid and/or to a generator in order to obtain a guaranteed service 24h/24h, even in times of low solar radiation, at night and in case of maintenance.
The system consists of three elements: an electric pump, a command and control panel to manage the pump and the solar energy deriving from one or more modules of solar panels installed, which vary according to the power required by the pump. Apollo stores water not electricity, therefore it does not need energy storage systems, making it eco-friendly, eco-sustainable and economical. Apollo is autonomous and does not require the presence of operators. Apollo uses the sun, a free, ecological and inexhaustible source, which guarantees zero operating costs.

WHY choose, purchase, install and use the Apollo Starpower system?

  • The Apollo Starpower system takes advantage of the power guaranteed by the Sun which is a totally free, ecological, renewable and inexhaustible source allowing a zero operating cost.
  • The Apollo Starpower system does not require the usual external systems for the stabilization of solar energy such as lead batteries, thus ensuring an environmentally friendly and environmentally sustainable installation.
  • The Apollo Starpower system works completely autonomously without the need for the presence of the operator.
  • The Apollo Starpower system consists of European manufactured components. Starpower guarantees the supply of products specifically studied and designed according to the actual needs of the customer.
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